Sensational Senses in Speen


Sensational Senses in Speen

On Sunday 13th September several members of the Aston Hearing team made their way to the usually quiet and idyllic countryside village of Speen to take part in its biennial festival.

Our ongoing involvement with Speen Festival allows us to increase our visibility and raises awareness of our business and the services that we offer, whilst also supporting local initiatives. As our Director Kate explains, ‘community events are essential for a business such as ours. Hearing loss can be an isolating experience, but participating in our interactive workshops can improve people’s confidence and encourage social involvement.’ Additionally, Speen Festival’s focus on creativity and enthusiasm mirrors the ethos of our company. In previous years we have sponsored the ‘Science Question Time’ event and this year we were able to take on a greater role. In addition to being the festival’s main sponsor, Aston Hearing also hosted ‘Sunday Sensations’ in the main marquee.

The Sense Sensation Day aimed to demonstrate the importance of all five senses through immersive workshops and experiments. Each sense had its own station, with attendees able to test their sense of smell with a difficult ‘smell quiz’, trick their sense of taste with a pill that turned sour tastes into sweet, use their hearing to create new sounds with drum and bass producers, play with different textures in the interactive touch workshop, and use sight to draw with an artist. The highlight for many people was the ‘haircut’ experience, where sound was used through headphones to recreate the experience of going to the barber. Refreshments were provided by Sue with an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme and were a welcome break from the excitement of the workshops!

As well as providing a fun and informative experience for festivalgoers, we also raised money for Hearing Link, our Charity of the Year. Hearing Link works not only with people with hearing loss but also their family and friends and aims to build confidence and improve people’s quality of life. Hearing Link’s local work, through their community support volunteers, made it a fitting charity to promote at a village festival. If you are interested in supporting Hearing Link’s work or would like to make use of their services you can email or call 0300 111 1113.

People of all ages came for an interactive and exciting experience and to take part in an amazing community event. The day was incredibly busy and successful and people left with a greater understanding of their senses (and full of jelly beans!) If you were unable to attend this time then look out for other Aston Hearing events throughout the coming year. We hope to see you soon!

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