New Technology for Background Noise

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New Technology for Background Noise

Many of our clients tell us that their greatest hearing challenge is following conversations in noisy environments. We are very excited to introduce Oticon Opn, a new hearing device with a different approach to hearing speech in background noise. We hope that the product will allow clients to improve their listening abilities as well as experiencing as close to ‘normal’ hearing as possible.

For many years, hearing aid manufacturers have focused on noise reduction, and there are many products on the market that perform extremely well in challenging listening environments. Current technology tends to focus on directional microphones, which encourage the hearing instruments to focus on a point in front of the user. This allows for conversation to be amplified whilst noise in the background is reduced.

However, Oticon has recently developed a new and different approach to speech in noise. The OpenSound navigator in the hearing aid is designed to not only remove noise but also to preserve important speech from all directions. This facilitates processing in the brain, creating a comfortable and natural sound. It also allows the wearer to follow different speakers and to switch between them, focusing on all people involved in a conversation rather than one single speaker.

This ground-breaking approach opens up many possibilities for the future of hearing in challenging listening environments. With background noise becoming less of a problem for hearing aid wearers, we hope to see people with hearing loss staying engaged and maintaining an active social life, without the stress of having to strain to hear.

We are keen to test Oticon Opn and are currently offering trials for new and existing clients. Whether you are an experienced hearing aid wearer or are completely new to amplification, we would love to hear what you think of the product. If you feel that you could benefit from Oticon Opn or would like more information, please contact Aston Hearing on 01494 733840 or email

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