Tinnitus Open Day

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Tinnitus Open Day

Do you struggle with hearing noises inside your head?

If you are one of the nearly 10-15% of people in the country who experiences tinnitus, or are just looking for more information, we would like to invite you to the Aston Hearing open morning on Friday 3rd March in Aston Hearing Amersham and Tuesday 7th March in Thame Town Hall.

We run our open mornings in the first week of every month (Tuesday in Thame, Friday in Amersham, from 10am-12pm). We base each event on a different hearing issue, and aim to bring people together to answer questions, seek advice and catch up over coffee and cake. Next month the focus is on tinnitus, and our audiologists will be sharing information about the condition and how best to manage it.

Tinnitus is a problem with the auditory system, where people hear sounds such as ringing, buzzing or whistling coming from inside their head rather than an external source. Tinnitus can be caused by a variety of problems such as wax blocking the ear canal, part of the cochlea being damaged or as a side-effect from certain medication. Tinnitus is also linked to hearing loss, with the majority of people with tinnitus having an underlying hearing problem.

Everyone experiences tinnitus differently. Some people are able to filter out the sounds and they do not affect their daily lives, in the same way that you often stop noticing a ticking clock after becoming used to it. But for others, tinnitus can cause stress, anxiety and fatigue, affecting their quality of life.

However your tinnitus manifests, we believe that sharing knowledge and experience is the best way to help everyone to find their individual coping strategies. At the open mornings our audiologists will be supported by Nikki, a long-standing client of Aston Hearing who experienced distressing tinnitus during a bout of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss last year. We hope that Nikki will be able to shed some light on how to deal with tinnitus and provide an empathetic ear for others with the condition.

If you cannot attend the open day in March, you are welcome to join us for our other monthly events. The next session in April will be focused on lipreading and will take place on 7th April in Amersham and 11th April in Thame. If you would like to book a tinnitus assessment at Aston Hearing please call 01494 733840 or email alice@astonhearing.co.uk.

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