Red Nose Day


Red Nose Day

With Comic Relief on Friday 24th March we are taking the opportunity to launch the support of our new charity of 2017

It’s that time of year where we all get together to help raise millions of pounds for amazing charities and organisations at home and in Africa. These funds annually help keep vulnerable people safe, educated, healthy and connected. The money is raised through crazy, funny antics up and down the country by a merry band of red-nose wearing comics and celebrities plus thousands of schools, organisations, businesses and huge swathes of the British public getting involved with heaps of energy, laughter and fun.

Over the years Comic Relief projects have helped many people with communication issues in the UK and in Africa.

Aston Hearing have learned about the huge difficulties faced in Africa from our connections with our friend and fellow independent audiologist Robert Davies, Director of South East Hearing Care Centres. Robert and his wife Jess became involved with The High School, Reverend Muhoro School for the Deaf which is situated in the remote Mukurwe-ini district, near Nyeri on the slopes of Mount Kenya. Started in 1993 with only six deaf boys, the school now has over 200 deaf pupils, aged 14 to 22, and is now mixed with boys and girls dormitories. Robert and Jess became involved in 2002 and work hard to support the school in all areas. Robert explains about the prolific nature of severe hearing problems faced all over Africa due to the damage caused by ototoxicity. The practice of using hugely damaging drugs that are prescribed to ‘save’ lives but in the process severely damaging the delicate hearing organs leaving thousands of young people with devastating severe to profound hearing conditions.

Aston Hearing will be raising money throughout the year for The Reverend Muhoro School - supporting Robert and Jess in their endeavours to help the school financially and practically.

Comic Relief is a great charity and helps us recognise the importance of humour in our everyday lives.

A few more good reasons to keep laughing

We have had some fun in the office talking about humour and hearing loss – we thought this was worth a share!

A smile can do more for communication than anything else – it is immediately disarming and puts people at ease helping to break down communication barriers.

The use of body language and facial expressions can really help people communicate non-verbally – the more visually expressive we all are the more interested and infectious our conversations become – helping people with communication struggles follow the gist and a feeling can be as important as the words being spoken.

– Individuals with a hearing impairment can struggle in social situations when in large crowds or when in hostile situations. Having a sense of humour can improve a person’s creativity and social interactions.

– Being able to see the funny side of miss-hearing is a very positive way of dealing with an often embarrassing consequence of hearing loss.

– It has long been recognised that laughter can relax the whole body. If a person is stressed having a good laugh can relieve tension in the body for up to 45 minutes.

– Laughter boosts the immune system and can significantly decrease stress hormones and help to ease the anxiety and tension that a person may face when entering a social interaction.


To kick start our fundraising fun we would like to encourage this article to be shared and liked. For every like we will donate a £1 to Comic Relief and a £1 to The Reverend Muhoro School for every share we will donate £5 to each charity (to the maximum of £500 - £250 to each charity)So please share and importantly add likes, comments and perhaps a joke or funny thought to help support these very worthwhile organisations.

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