25 Years of Aston Hearing Services 1989-2014



Aston Hearing Services was established in 1989 by Susan Webster at Aston House in the village of West Wycombe.

Susan’s career in audiology began with her working as a volunteer in the audiology department at Wycombe General Hospital, after a very short time she was employed and then she embarked on her training at The Royal Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital, Grays Inn Road, London. Susan worked at Wycombe General Hospital in the Audiology Department and after a number of years running the unit, she went to work in the Audiology Department of St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, where she was very involved with a new private/public sector partnership between the NHS and Siemens Hearing. Although enjoying her time in London, the journey started to take it’s toll on her and her young family; so in October 1989, with the support of her husband, she took the plunge to open her own private practice in the village of West Wycombe, where she lived.

The business grew very quickly and successfully, thanks largely to a lack of good quality private hearing aid provision in the area; at the time their were very few hearing aid consultancies, mostly hearing aids where sold directly to people in their homes. With all her years of experience within the NHS and her short time working in the private sector, Susan set up Aston Hearing Services with very high ethical standards and practices, which were severely lacking in the private sector at that time, and as a result she received immediate referrals from all the ENT consultants in the area, which stood Aston Hearing Services in good stead for future and this is still at the heart of the business today.


In 1991, Susan decided to double her workforce and advertised for a part-time administrator. There was great response to the small advert she placed in the Bucks Free Press but one handwritten application stood out. The application was from Christine Headworth. Christine supported Susan admirably and before long, Susan offered the opportunity to train to become a Hearing Aid Audiologist herself. After a number of years Christine qualified and worked alongside Susan. As Aston Hearing Services grew, more space was required, so Aston Hearing opened consulting rooms at Susan’s home in Loosley Row, near Princes Risborough. The consulting rooms in Loosley Row were purpose built, with a large sound treated consulting room and separate reception area and workshop for minor on-site repairs.


In 1998, Duncan Collet-Fenson, married Susan’s daughter Kate and was keen to become involved in the family business. Duncan was a welcomed addition to the business as he provided Aston Hearing Services with a long term future. Duncan qualified in 1999 and before long his wife, Susan’s daughter Kate, became involved.


The millennium year saw Aston Hearing Services open a High Street shop with consulting rooms in the pretty village of Great  Missenden.  After four happy years working from Great Missenden  and Loosley Row it was felt that the business had developed to a stage where it was necessary to find premises that enabled everyone to work from one base. The summer of 2004 witnessed  the most dramatic move to date; two offices were consolidated to one larger premises in the historic market town of Old Amersham.


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