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About Michael Cook

Michael joined Aston Hearing in February 2018, starting out on reception Michael worked he was to becoming full time, based in Amersham. Also a member of the Marketing Team, Michael works with our partners and makes sure the right artwork is given to them for publications and festivals. In 2018 Michael has begun a new job role which is keep an eye on the repairs that go out of house, Michael keeps tabs on where the repairs are and makes sure clients are up to date and looks into additional support where needed. As well as in-house repairs, Michael has become well known for his high knowledge in technology and supports clients where needed due to their hearing aid connectivity.

The Earbud Epidemic

What is an ‘earbud’ - well you don’t have to look very far to see one - they are everywhere. It is becoming a rare occasion to see a teenager who isn’t ‘plugged in’. Earbuds, ear phones, headphones, Bluetooth® devices—they're everywhere today—plugged into mobile phones, iPods®, MP3 players, computers, tablets, and more. They're used [...]