Making the most of your hearing

At Aston Hearing we treat hearing problems holistically.  The fitting of a hearing system is just one element of the service we offer.  A period of rehabilitation, consultation and adjustment is required to help adjust to a whole new way of listening.   This is a process that we walk you through steadily; ultimately helping you to make the best use of your residual hearing whilst offering enhancements, as necessary with hearing aid amplification.

Coming to terms with a hearing problem can be first and greatest challenge you are required to face.  We have the tools and techniques to ease the passage on this journey.

Hearing aids are not the only solution,  we can recommend a host of environmental listening devices to help support your hearing aids.

We offer a wax removal service. We use microsuction as our main option for wax removal.

As we are members of the Healthcare Professions Council (HPC) we elected to undertake the newly accredited Clinical Ear Care for Hearing Aid Audiologists Course (CECHAA).

One cannot under estimate the importance of hearing technology but hearing aids are only as good as the programming carried out by the hearing aid audiologist. The programming is as integral as the hearing aid itself.

Hearing aids are specifically designed to improve listening to speech and conversation, in order to make the best of every listening situation it sometimes necessary to make use of additional listening devices.

Improving communication for people with hearing problems can often require a multi-pronged attack. The hearing aid is one element, the programming, fine tuning and verification is another, and then we need to look at improving listening and communicating tactics, such as the use of lip reading and body language to back up the aural information.

Tinnitus comes from the Latin word “tinnire”, which literally means “to ring” Tinnitus is a sound that is only audible to the person hearing it, it seems to feel like it is occurring in their head or ears.

At Aston Hearing we have always endeavoured to use the latest advances in technology to benefit our clients.

Today’s more sophisticated digital signal processing hearing aids incorporate many adjustable features with millions of different combinations of settings in their programming capability. Therefore, more advanced techniques are needed to ensure the hearing aids fitted are providing maximum benefit to the wearer.

Wireless connectivity is the future for hearing technology. Hearing aids have been featuring bluetooth technology for the last two or three years but it is only in very recent times that the use of wireless technology is coming into its own.