The Role of the Hearing Aid Audiologist

One cannot under estimate the importance of hearing technology but hearing aids are only as good as the programming carried out by the hearing aid audiologist. The programming is as integral as the hearing aid itself. The skills of the hearing aid audiologist come from training, experience and familiarization with each individual manufacturer’s software. At Aston Hearing we have a combined experience of over 75 years providing audiological care both in the NHS and Private sectors; drawing on this broad base knowledge helps us to make the most of any hearing system.

Continual Practice Development

At Aston Hearing, we feel it is vital to keep on top of any new developments in technology and service; in order to ensure this, all of our consultants undertakes a minimum number of hours training per year. We are proud members of the Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals (AIHHP) who are an association of independent practitioners who have undertaken a mandate to adhere to and maintain the highest standards of learning, equipment and professionalism; we’re also pleased to be awarded an AIHHP ‘Centre of Excellence’ status. Our commitment to training and professionalism has also been recognised by one of the main hearing aid manufacturers, as we are one of Phonak Hearing’s preferred partners