Wireless Accessories

Wireless connectivity is the future for hearing technology.  Hearing aids have been featuring bluetooth technology for the last two or three years but it is only in very recent times that the use of wireless technology is coming into its own.   This year a number of the manufacturers have come to market with wireless accessories that are finally able to offer a slick, seamless sound directly into the hearing aids.

Mobile Telephones

The new wireless systems allow us to connect your own mobile (assuming it is wireless enabled) to your hearing aids directly, hands free, wireless.  Once your mobile is paired with your hearing aids you can keep your phone in your pocket or handbag and you wear a handfree microphone, either round you neck or on your lapel.  When the phone rings you press a button on the microphone and you are immediately connected and the voice is streamed into one or both of your hearing aids directly, at the right level to suit your hearing loss.  This system is significantly better than any hands free kit available, offering distinct advantages to wearing hearing aids.


Wireless technology is really making a difference for watching television.  You simply connect a small box to your television system via the scart lead and when you are in the area of the television the sound is streamed directly into both ears at the right level, to suit your hearing loss.  We can set the hearing aids to allow you to hear just the television or you can leave the microphones on so you can still hear your families conversation, we can also set it up so should the telephone ring it will override the television signal.


We can connect your hearing aids up to your radio, MP3 player, HiFi and the music will be streamed wirelessly to you directly in via a music adapted programme in your hearing aids.  This works really well for MP3 use, especially if you use these when you are running or doing exercise.


FM is a system that allows you to focus on speech with an additional hand held microphone that can be worn by the person you want to hear or placed in the centre of a dining table and directed at the sound source, also an excellent tool for listening in a classroom/lecture situation.   The speaker can keep the microphone and the sound will be streamed directly and wirelessly to your hearing aids, as clearly as if they were speaking directly into your ear.  This system is used successfully by couples around the house and garden.  If the significant other wears the microphone they can speak anywhere in the house or garden and the person with hearing aids will hear them directly into the hearing aids.  It takes a little getting used to but can make a huge difference to the quality of life at home for certain circumstances.

Home Alert Systems

Your hearing aids can be linked wirelessly to the doorbell, home telephone and smoke alarms, so that as soon as any are activated you receive a signal directly to your hearing aids.  A panic button system can also be incorporated.


The latest wireless enabled technologies allow you to connect your hearing aids to any device that is wireless enabled, this could include, laptops and satellite navigation systems.

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