Protecting your hearing

There are lots of different types of protection for your ears

Some are quite specific, like the CENS Digital range for shooting protection. These are designed for the user to be able to hear a rustling in the hedgerow, or a conversation, then receive great hearing protection whilst using a firearm.

Similarly, musicians plugs are designed for the user to be able to hear the same input but at a reduced overall range. They are made not to block out all sounds but to bring down the sound at a relative level.

Hearing in the Workplace

If noise levels in the work place are an issue and hearing protection is required, then a complete hearing conservation program should be instituted. A hearing conservation program includes noise assessment, hearing protector selection, employee training and education, audiometric testing, maintenance, inspection, record keeping, and program evaluation.

If you would like to see the NHS view of reasons to protect your hearing, Click Here

I think we all know that at certain times in our life we have needed to protect our ears, or more specifically, our hearing

Whether we were at a concert, in a loud work environment or during a sporting activity; be it clay pigeon shooting, surfing or something similar, there will have been incidents where we will have felt that wearing ear protection would have been very beneficial.

We all wish to preserve our hearing for as long as possible. There are many situations that we would wish to protect our ears from. These could include:

  • Noisy work environment
  • Music concerts
  • Motorsports – observing or participating
  • Shooting/Hunting
  • Sleeping/Snoring
  • Water Sports – swimming, surfing, kayaking etc
  • Travelling
  • Children – protecting your child from events such as fireworks displays
  • DIY

Just turn down the volume, not the fidelity

We offer a variety of custom ear plugs suitable for different uses. If you are unsure of what may best suit your needs then please feel free to Contact Us and discuss your requirements.

Wearing custom-plugs help by limiting the exposure to loud noises. However not all noises are the same and therefore the requirements of the plugs will differ.

For adults and children, these Custom Swim Plugs are designed to prevent water from entering the ear canal and possibly resulting in an infection.