Noise Protection

It is important to protect your hearing in noise...

Wearing custom-plugs help by limiting the exposure to loud noises. However not all noises are the same and therefore the requirements of the plugs will differ. For this reason there are several noise protection plugs available:

Industrial Protection

These plugs are designed to be worn for long periods of time and made from a soft material that allows the plug to flex with jaw movement but retain the shape of the ear. They incorporate a ‘vented channel’ to allow air to pass into the ear canal so the ear does not get hot. Most importantly this type of plug contains a filter that allows some lower frequencies to pass into the ear so warning sounds and conversation can be heard but limits the high frequencies which cause damage to the hearing system.

Music Protection

From DJs to musicians to vocalists, occasional gigging to thrashing around at home, the level of music can often exceed the safe levels of noise in heavy industry. Although we want to reduce the overall loudness of the music the clarity and timbre of music must be retained. Modern music plugs can offer protection but without compromise to the music. We recommend specific musician’s plugs, made from medical grade silicone incorporating a filter with a flat reduction, it is just like turning the volume down but without losing any of the quality of sound. We also supply in-ear monitoring systems, ranging from T3 single drivers to the latest state-of-the-art T1 incorporating triple drivers for the ultimate in sound quality.

Shooting Protection

The requirements of a plug designed for shooting are similar to those used for heavy industry. We also supply custom-made electronic ear defenders, these are designed to amplify softer sounds enabling the wearer to hear quieter movement in the undergrowth but then stop the harmful effects of the louder gunshot sounds.

We can provide great noise protection for your shooting day, or high-end digital professional protection, such as ProFlex from CENS, as used by the world’s No. 1 shooter George Digweed, to protect on your regular shoots.