Swim Plugs


Custom Moulded Swimming Plugs

For adults and children, these Custom Swim Plugs are designed to prevent water from entering the ear canal and possibly resulting in an infection. Designed for people with pressure equalisation trouble and swimmer’s ear, floatable Swim Plugs are made from a variety of colours, with fun colour-swirls, engraving available.

Child Swimming Plugs and swimming ear protection can also help make swimming fun again for children by making swimming more comfortable, without the cold water and uncomfortable pressure sensation from splashes.

For those that have a history of ear conditions, a perforated ear drum or have had grommets inserted these plugs allow the wearer to continue with their favourite water activity be it swimming, canoeing or just bath time! (Please note it is not advisable to wear swim plugs whilst SCUBA diving).

  • Hand crafted
  • High Quality Materials (comfortable medical grade silicone)
  • British Craftsmanship
  • Custom Moulded Fit
  • Fully Hygienic and Cleanable
  • Red (Right) / Blue (Left) colours as standard
  • Protection from Swimmers Ear / Noise Reduction

Optional Extras:

  • Engrave your name/ initials or almost anything you choose
  • Finger grips
  • Choice of various colours
  • Colour Swirls

Please feel free to Contact Us for more information. We can take impressions and get you fixed for swim plugs in no time.