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Many of you may have seen Breaking the Silence on Channel 4 last night – a moving and inspirational programme following profoundly deaf people being fitted with a cochlear implant for the first time. Although at Aston Hearing we don’t directly deal with cochlear implants, there were many parallels in the ... Read More
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Thame Open Week

We are running an Open Week in Thame beginning Saturday 26th November to Friday 2nd December. Open Week will offer you the chance to meet audiologists in a more informal setting than a booked appointment. We will be based in the Town Hall and our offices, and will be doing free ... Read More
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Many of our clients tell us that their greatest hearing challenge is following conversations in noisy environments. We are very excited to introduce Oticon Opn, a new hearing device with a different approach to hearing speech in background noise. We hope that the product will allow clients to improve their ... Read More
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Say hello to the world’s smartest hearing aid with top-rated sound quality and direct streaming from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Aston Hearing Services are very excited to present ReSound LiNX Made for iPhone hearing aids with top -rated sound quality. * So it doesn’t matter if you are listening to ... Read More
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Did you know that only 1 in 10 people with a mild to moderate hearing loss wear a hearing aid? People in this category say that their main worries are the visibility of the instrument, the inconvenience of changing the batteries and not acclimatising to the sound through a hearing ... Read More
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Aston Hearing Services has a New Service to offer you We now have an Online Hearing Aid Accessories Shop for you. The web address is shop.astonhearing.com Based in Old Amersham, serving Buckinghamshire and beyond, we now are able to offer the world all things hearing related. Hearing Aid Care and Hearing is important, ... Read More
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[two_third] Lip reading can help you to make the most of your hearing. Many people leave developing the skill of lip reading too late and think of it as a last resort. It is far from that – lip reading is an essential skill for everyone to use – from those ... Read More
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Noise Protection in Bucks

Noise Protection - High Wycombe Aylesbury Gerrards Cross Uxbridge Hemel Hempstead Noise protection, ear protection, custom moulds or plain old ear plugs. Call them what you like, we should all be aware that we might need these in our everyday life. Whether at work, home or play, we should consider the benefits ... Read More
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Wax Removal in Buckinghamshire. Reaching out to High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Watford and Luton. Here at Aston Hearing Services, based in Amersham, Buckinghamshire and local to High Wycombe and Aylesbury, we offer a great service that might be of use ... Read More
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BBC Episodes to hear

Here is something you might find interesting to listen to. A selection of programmes made from BBC Radio featuring how sound and listening plays an important role in our lives. From Heavenly Sounds through Tuning the body to The Ecstatic Underground. If you wish ... Read More
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