Aston Hearing is a hearing healthcare centre for all the family. We recognise how important hearing is for everyone to stay connected, especially for children who rely on listening and communication in the crucial early stages of their development. Often ear infections can go undiagosed and a child’s temporary hearing loss can go undetected. Sometimes the results of undiagnosed hearing loss can result in different symptoms and be mistaken for other conditions.

Most children’s hearing is tested a few days after birth as part of the successful universal neonatal screening policy adopted a number of years ago. But once given the all-clear, that can often be the last time their hearing is tested as a child.

Our specialist children’s hearing tests are fun and interactive, and provide a comprehensive picture of the child’s hearing situation, along with recommendations for future management.

Keeping an Eye on your Child’s Hearing

It’s worth keeping your child’s hearing in mind and to keep watch for certain behaviours that may indicate a hearing problem, that could be of a temporary nature. Take note if your child is withdrawn or shy or conversely is noisy and attention seeking in group settings. These two extremes depend upon the personality of the child but both can be indicative of a degree of hearing loss, which may make them insecure and not knowing quite how to interact in a group situation in a more natural way. Hearing loss can sometimes be missed and a child’s behaviour can be linked more to behavioural and educational type conditions such as Speech Delay, Dyslexia, Aspergers and Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).