The Happy Hearing Van – Monthly Drop In

We recognise it is important, wherever possible, to break down the barriers that prevent people from finding information about their hearing.

As a result we are delighted to work in partnership with the lovely people at Wyevale World’s End Garden Centre, Wendover.  On the last Friday of the month we set up our Happy Hearing Van at the popular garden centre. We offer free hearing screening appointments and use our video otoscope to check for wax and general ear health.  We have been welcomed by everyone.  The local GP surgery are recommending people with confidence that people won’t be charged at this point but will gain enough information to book a follow-up paid for appointment with us or back to GP for qualified audiology referrals.

So far we have run 9 sessions and tested over 100 individuals, found loads of wax,  3 glue ear referrals and lots of tinnitus advice and over 80% of those tested have a hearing loss.  We’ve handed out over 100 of our journals – most of them personalised with their Hearing screening noted on the blank audiogram form at the back of our journal.

This is proving a great way to break down that first barrier.

If you can’t make the Wendover dates you can always join us at one of our popular coffee mornings in Amersham or Thame.  See our events calendar for the next date.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our Hear Today events.


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About the Author:

Originally Kate had no intention of joining her mother’s business; it was only when her husband, Duncan, started to work for the company that she became more personally involved. Once this interest was ignited she worked hard to help grow Aston Hearing Services and is responsible for managing the office on a day-to-day basis. She became a qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist in 2002. Kate has become very involved in the development of the network of Independent Hearing Professionals (IHP). IHP is a larger network of hearing professionals whose aim is to promote hearing health awareness to the general public.

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