Simply by walking through our door, you have begun a journey. Our role is to make your destination better hearing. We acknowledge that the first step is often the hardest, but from now on you are in a partnership. The question we are interested in asking is not “What is the matter with you?” but rather “What matters to you?”

At Aston Hearing our focus is on YOU!

Our consultation appointment consists of an in-depth discussion where we take a full aural medical history and explore the reasons that encouraged you to investigate your hearing. We check your ears then carry out a full audiometric assessment, the results of which form the first stage of discussions about options and opportunities. We are often compared to opticians or dentists – in that we are offering personal healthcare assessments but in fact with our appointments you can expect much more talking – and not just by us! This is our opportunity to get to know you – your family situation, lifestyle, interests, hearing concerns, any history of ear conditions, worries, aspirations, previous experiences of hearing care. Our main aim is to find out – what is motivating you? Or what is holding you back?

The Journey

When we first see you as a client, it is important to establish which point of the journey you are on; not everyone starts from the same place. Some arrive fired up and ready to go with amplification, others are ready but are driven by desperation, some are apathetic, usually persuaded to come by a family member, others are in denial. A complete spectrum of emotions, only a few of which are positive. Of equal importance to the end result of the process is an understanding of where to begin. Our role is to motivate you, to acknowledge and address the negative feelings, and move towards embracing the opportunities and possibilities.

It is our job to recognise each stage and its transition, and provide the necessary support and help to move forward.

You are the Expert

It is likely that we will know more about audiology than you, but you will know more about what you hear, what you want to hear, and how you want to hear it. Developing a close working relationship with you, based on respect, understanding and trust, enables a true collaboration.

On our journey together, we regard you as the pilot, deciding on the start and finish points, the course and its duration, with the audiologist as the navigator, responsible for getting you there.

You are in charge

The Importance of Family

We welcome family members to all appointments, but particularly at our initial meeting. They notice what you often don’t – you will know what you’ve not heard clearly enough, but you don’t know what you haven’t heard at all. They do!

Your family will experience the impact of any reduction in your hearing level. If you are struggling or having problems, chances are they will be too. But we often don’t talk about personal issues, especially if they concern failing abilities. Requirement for change, be it emotional, organisational or practical, is uncomfortable for most of us. Explaining what is happening to your hearing to you and your family leads to a mutual understanding of the difficulties you may both face.

With improvements in technology our emphasis can be much more on you as a person – we find this leads to greater satisfaction and better results.