Richard Clothier is Front of House Manager and Noise Protection Specialist at the Amersham practice in Flint Barn Court, Old Amersham. He can usually be found on the reception desk and is often the first person to greet people as they arrive. He is also in charge of the majority of custom moulded ear plugs.

Richard joined Aston Hearing in April 2013 after previously working with Jon, Kate’s brother on website design. Jon and Richard were at school together and shared careers in website design. Richard grew up in Princes Risborough and Great Hampden and still loves to walk in the woodland area he knows so well.

We asked Richard to describe a typical working day for him at the Amersham practice.

“I get to work early and make sure everything is ready to receive our customers. I will be on reception all day, making sure our clients feel welcome, answering calls, making appointments and dealing with any potential issues like ‘drop-in repairs’. I also book in repairs, take general enquiries and make appointments for my own ‘custom-fit ear products’ such as noise protection plugs, swim plugs, sleep plugs and shooting plugs.

Richard spends most of his time interacting with clients and for him this is what he enjoys most in his job. “I enjoy seeing people have their quality of life improved.  Whether it’s someone getting a good night’s sleep after having some custom sleep plugs made or someone getting some hearing devices for the first time and being able to interact more in their everyday life. We often hear the phrase ‘life-changing’ here, in a positive way, and that’s really nice to be a part of”

When he is not working Richard he is usually writing songs. He also plays football and trains weekly with his team. Whilst he is happy wherever he is in the UK, enjoying walking in all sorts of British weather, he has a soft spot for St Vincent, in the Caribbean. He has a good friend from there, who teaches permaculture, at Richmond Vale Academy, and also has a farm growing fruit and vegetables, so this country holds a special place in his heart. For him there is “Nothing better than organic food straight from the ground”.

If you would like to talk to Richard about noise protection or any other type of custom ear plugs,  call our Amersham practice on 01494 733840 or email