Golf is a universally popular sport and whilst not as physically demanding as some other pursuits, it puts the player in the great outdoors, walking at a pace of 6-7km per hour for several hours in just one round. It is an opportunity to engage in conversation with fellow players and a chance to focus your attention on a new challenge for a while.

Aston Hearing has launched a programme of HearToday events for 2019 choosing three different golf Clubs in the Chilterns to host our monthly hearing days. On the last Wednesday of each month our audiologists and staff of Aston Hearing can be found offering free hearing tests, expert advice, technology workshops and the chance to meet and talk with others who are on a similar hearing journey. The events run from 10am -4pm and serve tea/coffee and, of course always, homemade cake.

So much of our ear and hearing health is linked to our general wellbeing and engaging in the social aspects that golf offers has very positive benefits to our overall health. Chatting to others on the golf course or in the clubhouse is the ideal way for us to stay connected and golf facilities are well suited for good conversation. They are mostly well laid out and well lit, with plenty of soft furnishings, carpets and curtains to make for comfortable acoustics.

Other health benefits of golf are that you exercise both the body and the brain. The physical exertion of walking a course, carrying a bag, swinging a club etc for a period of a few hours, increases the blood flow to the heart and brain. This combined with the cognitive benefits of concentrating on the course layout, distance calculation, golf club selection and more, all serve to keep the brain functioning well.

Being in the fresh air, walking and talking, socialising with others all help to release the natural mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain, (endorphins), and to reduce stress. It is therefore important to keep hearing well so that you can really enjoy the sport and all it offers. So why not join us at our next golf club hearing event and find out more about how to stay at the top of your game, whether you are a golfer or not?