Even with good hearing, Christmas festivities can be a challenge and it is easy to be left out of the conversation. Parties, restaurants and pubs are environments with a high level of background noise which is the biggest challenge for anyone’s hearing. If you have reduced hearing ability, even to a small degree, you will find that these situations are difficult and make socialising very hard work and extremely fatiguing.  You will find you have to concentrate extra hard just to try and keep up with what is being said.

Don’t worry, we are here to help, so before the party season kicks off follow our top tips to give you the best possible chance of hearing better this year.

  • ⚪ Make sure your ears are in tip-top health and free from wax. If you call into Aston Hearing we will look in your ears and see if they are blocked. If necessary we can make an appointment to remove any wax and get you ready to party.

  • ⚪ Select your venue carefully. If possible try to choose a place with soft furnishings, carpet, lower ceilings and curtains. These all help to reduce the background noise.

  • ⚪ Turn down the music! Although some music can create a great party atmosphere sometimes it is so loud that no one can hear anyone talk. Don’t be afraid to have a word with the proprietor. Turning down the volume slightly can make a significant difference and you will be doing many people a favour.

  • ⚪ If you are sitting at a table make sure you choose the best position for your particular hearing. Having your back to a wall helps you to focus on sounds in front or beside you.

  • ⚪ Find yourself a hearing buddy, someone in the group who will repeat parts of the conversation if required and will keep you informed of the topic being discussed.

  • ⚪ Treat yourself to a good hearing device. New technological advances are being made all the time and modern devices can improve your ability to listen in noise.

If you wear hearing aids already then make sure they are working to their optimum performance. Why not book in for a quick check as a slight adjustment can make a big difference.

Most importantly, remember not to turn down those invitations because you struggle to hear. Social interactions are vital to a healthy life. Finally, keep an eye out for friends or loved ones who you notice aren’t joining in anymore, maybe because they just don’t hear well. Let’s make sure no one gets left out this Christmas.