My main role is working in the Thame Aston reception area, but I have recently joined the marketing team as well to help with producing the newsletters and designing artwork. I have worked for Aston Hearing since September 2016

I have a background in art and design and I did an Art Foundation course at Amersham School of Art back in 1979 where I also met my husband Pete. I went on to study Graphics which I carried on as a career working in Windsor and Marlow until 2003 when my husband Pete and I had our daughter Carla. I then decided to change my work completely and went into garden maintenance which fitted in nicely with Carla’s school hours.

I grew up locally in Hazlemere with a younger sister and brother. My parents still live in the same house now. We were a very sporty family supported by my parents who ferried us each night to either Football, Running club or Netball and at one point my mum, sister and myself played in the same netball team.

My day at Aston Hearing consists of meeting and greeting clients for their appointments and helping with any small repairs and enquiries. Telephone calls are a big part of my day to day work and I must admit I was very nervous about them on my first day. Happily, now I don’t even worry about it and enjoy being the one to help the person on the other end of the phone.

I am very lucky to have two very different jobs – 3 days gardening and 2 days in the office at Aston Hearing.

I find gardening to be very solitary which is  good for my mental wellbeing and believe it or not I find it very relaxing. I absolutely love my complete change of role with Aston where I am part of a fantastic friendly team and am able to meet and talk to our lovely clients.

Gardening is my main interest and I threw myself into it this year as I had planned to open my own garden for the first time in our village ‘Open Gardens Day ‘which unfortunately couldn’t go ahead because of Covid-19. I have to say it gave Pete and myself time to do lots of projects including building a new Pergola seating area and a new patio which in lockdown has had plenty of use.

I also love our family holidays and our favourite destinations are Devon and Cornwall – always loaded up with bikes and surfboards.

During lockdown we added a new member to our family called Hector who is a miniature chocolate Cockerpoo. Our daughter had been pestering us to get a dog for years and eventually we decided this was the right time for all of us to go for it! I have to admit he is a little darling and so much fun. Why we hadn’t done this before I really don’t know!

It’s been a very strange time during lockdown and I’ve really missed being able to spend time with friends and family but most of all being able to simply kiss and hug my parents.

Post lockdown, I am grateful to be back at work again as there is so much to do in the garden at this time of year to prepare for the autumn and winter.

On that note, I have been asked to give my top 5 handy tips for what to do in your own garden this month. I hope these ideas help you along your way this September.

My top 5

  1. Enjoy the fruits of your labour by harvesting all your lovely produce. If you find you are overflowing with fruits and vegetables you can always freeze some or make pickles, chutneys and jams.
  2. Divide Perennials to make more and keep them tidy.
  3. Collect seeds from perennials and annuals and keep them in named envelopes ready for next year.
  4. If you have a pond, net this ready for the autumn leaf fall.
  5. Plant spring flowering bulbs such as Hyacinths, Daffodils and Crocus before the end of September to enjoy after the winter months.