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Nikki has been working with Aston Hearing Services for over 18 months, having joined the marketing team back in October 2016. Nikki’s proudest moments so far have included seeing the Hear Today community project become a regular monthly social hub for people with worries about their hearing, and the events that have grown from that, the highlight being the Deaf Tennis event in August 2017. A great personal achievement for Nikki was when she passed level two in BSL, after becoming deaf through Sudden Hearing Loss. When Nikki is not at work she enjoys teaching cookery to teenagers for the Duke of Edinburgh Award and to prepare them for university life. Nikki loves playing tennis regularly and walking her Labrador, Loki.

TINNITUS WEEK 2020 : 4 Stages of Habituation

This is an interesting article from The American Tinnitus Association publication Tinnitus Today 2018. It describes the four stages of Tinnitus habituation, a positive approach for learning to live with Tinnitus.

Sereta & Duncan talk about Tinnitus on BBC Radio

Ahead of Tinnitus Awareness Week 4-10th February 2020, our very own Audiologist Sereta Parker from Thame speaks to Kat Orman on BBC Radio Oxford. Sereta and  client Elaine Adam-Harris talked about how it feels to live with tinnitus, what causes it and how to get help. Whilst there is no cure for this condition Sereta explained [...]

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Christmas is coming! Don’t miss out on the festive fun!

Even with good hearing, Christmas festivities can be a challenge and it is easy to be left out of the conversation. Parties, restaurants and pubs are environments with a high level of background noise which is the biggest challenge for anyone’s hearing. If you have reduced hearing ability, even to a small degree, you will [...]

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Welcome back to Matthew Ball

We are delighted to announce that Audiologist Matthew Ball has this week returned to Aston Hearing. Starting bright and early on Monday 30th September, Matthew Ball resumes his position as Audiologist at the Amersham practice after a special project helping to set up an audiology service within an Opthalmology practice in Northampton.Matthew trained in a [...]

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Active Aging Week: How important is our hearing?

The world’s population is rapidly aging and WHO Statistics show the number of people aged 60 or over is expected to move from 12% to 22% of the global population by 2050. We are now living longer and it is time to ensure those extra years are healthy and active and taking care of your [...]

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Lipreading – a key skill to master to help you hear better

Have you ever found yourself in a noisy situation and unable to hear what people are saying? Whatever your level of hearing, you might benefit from learning how to lipread to help understand the conversation a bit better. Everybody can lipread to some extent and often it is only when your hearing lets you down [...]

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A travellers blog

Final checks on our holiday packing; sun-cream – check, insect repellant – check, spare hearing aid batteries- check, well you never know how easy it will be to find batteries in Cambodia, particularly in the jungle, and they are literally the life-line for my wife to the hearing world.  So as a person lucky enough [...]

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