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About Richard Clothier

A family friend for over 25 years, Richard joined the team in March 2013, primarily taking over the role of Front of House. Richard’s attention to detail make him a real natural on reception, in addition to this, he has completed the Hearing Care Assistant Course at Winfield Hospital, Gloucester. Richard’s passion outside work is music production. He specialises in producing ‘Drum and Bass’ tracks and has received much recognition in this area. Richard’s role in the company has evolved and is focused in the field of noise protection and protecting your ears, particularly aimed at a younger audience. This combines Richard’s work and music interests perfectly and is a really important aspect of our hearing health promotion at Aston Hearing Services. Most custom-fit mould appointments, whether for musician plugs, swim plugs, sleep plugs, shooting plugs or other, will be taken with Richard.

What’s happening in Amersham this month?

As an integral part of the business community in Old Amersham we are delighted to be supporting Dementia Action Week 20-26th May. You will find many local initiatives that are bringing the subject of dementia into the open and encouraging our whole community to become dementia friends. This year The [...]

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Hidden Hearing Loss

For the last two years I have been working for Aston Hearing, involved in marketing, customer service and admin. I also have a huge passion for music, and have spent years going to gigs and clubs without using noise protection, taking breaks, making sure not to stand too close to the speaker – all [...]

Don’t lose the music

Many of us take our hearing for granted, but once your ears are damaged they will never be the same again. In today’s digital world, our hearing has never been so challenged; our ears are constantly switched on and, for many, plugged in. It is estimated that 66% of people listen to music louder [...]