I cannot praise Aston Hearing

I cannot praise Aston Hearing and their staff enough. Twice in 3 years they have accommodated me with an appointment and literally saved me from the brink of despair. Having gone stone deaf in one ear, due to wax, and suffering from menieres disease and tinnitus, I truly thought I would go mad with distress. Such welcoming staff, really warm, friendly and reassuring. A special thank you to Sereta, who I now think of as my guardian angel! Kindest regards to all, June Kyle.

June Kyle

I’d just like to say a huge thankyou

I’d just like to say a huge thankyou to Aston hearing. I recently woke up with a sudden hearing loss and loud noises in my left ear. It was realy disconcerting so I rang to see if I could get an appointment, assuming I just had some inconvenient ear wax that needed removal. Sereta saw me later that morning and realised straight away that something more was going on. She asked me to return later that same day and diagnosed me with sudden sensoneural hearing loss which needed urgent treatment. Thanks to this prompt response I was able to visit A&E that evening armed with all of the required information in order to start a course of steroids. Within a week my hearing has returned to normal but it is frightening to think that without the rapid treatment that I was given that I might have lost the hearing in that ear forever.
I’m really so very grateful and would highly recommend Aston hearing.

Clare Seed

Love the new style website

“Love the new style website, congratulations to everyone concerned with its production.
Professional as always”

Susan Webster

“Will use them again in the future….”

“I attended Aston Hearing in Thame on a walk-in basis. I was suffering with a muffled right ear, which was over a week old. Having previously popped into the pharmacy, I was advised that there was no specific recommendation they could offer but was informed that if I go over to Aston Hearing that they may be able to help. I was looked after by a lovely lady called Jo, who asked various questions to establish my symptoms, but more importantly she used a camera to look deep into the ear canal which identified a small amount of wax touching the ear drum. This was the cause of the muffled hearing. She offered to remove the wax using a suction tool, and within 3 minutes I was hearing perfectly again without any discomfort. Jo was very informative, helpful and put me at rest immediately as I had never had any intervention in my ear canal previously. I highly recommend the services of Aston Hearing and will use them again in the future if I have any hearing issues.”

A Client Thame



Bill Page

“Excellent, friendly ,caring….”

“Excellent, friendly ,caring .highly qualified team. I would recommend anyone with hearing issues or simply ‘ blocked ears’ to pay a visit to Aston Hearing.”

A Client Amersham

“Very friendly service….”

“Very friendly service.
Asked questions to discover what I wanted from my new hearing aids, in addition to being able to hear better, and proposed what would best meet my needs.
I am really pleased with my new hearing aids, not only can I hear better but I have the features I need to improve the quality of my hearing life. I hadn’t realised how noisy the world was, but now I can adjust for that!
Many thanks.”

A Client Thame

“Sereta has been patient and thorough….”

“I’m fairly new to Aston, but early indications are encouraging. Sereta has been patient and thorough. Very good.”

A Client Thame

“Aston Hearing are exceptional….”

“Aston Hearing are exceptional, they are always working to the benefit of their customers. I would not be without their assistance and attentiveness.”

A Client Amersham

“A professional and personal service….”

“Aston Hearing have always provided me with a professional and personal service. On the odd occasion I have had a problem with my aids they have been able to see me promptly and sorted it out for me.”

A Client Amersham

“I cannot thank them enough….”

“I have been with Aston for 14 years now. Their service has always been outstanding. Over the last 2 years I have needed to have new aids fitted due to various reasons. My particular audiological requirements are quite complex, which has made finding a suitable aid something of a challenge. Duncan and his team have spent countless hours making alterations to my aid until I was finally satisfied with my new instrument. Despite all the additional time spent trying to come up with a solution, Duncan refused to charge me for his services. I fully expected a charge for his time ( and rightly so ), yet he considered it a matter of professional pride and refused to give up until he had found an answer to my problem. Some people may feel that a private company is going to be horrendously expensive and that they will be charged over the odds for services. In the case of Aston Hearing, nothing could be further from the truth ! This is a first class company, that genuinely cares about it’s customers well being. I cannot thank them enough for all their support, both past and present.”

A Client Amersham

“Absolutely superb Service, Advice and on-going Support plus delightful staff….”

“I’ve been going to Aston Hearing for years and wouldn’t go to anyone else. I first became aware of them them through my work in a Special Needs School for Hearing Impaired children and before I began to suffer from hearing problems myself. Absolutely superb Service, Advice and on-going Support plus delightful staff. They never pressurise or suggest an aid if they don’t feel it is needed. I have been very grateful for their help.”

A Client Thame

“A pleasure to meet the staff….”

“It is always a pleasure to meet the staff and have my hearing retested. I have found the service given second to none.”

A Client Thame

“First class treatment….”

“When every I have a problem with my hearing aids I always get first class treatment from all the staff at the practice. The only moan I have is when the hearing aid is sent away it used to be two to three days now it can be two weeks making it very inconvenient.”

A Client Amersham

“Every member of the team is personable….”

“Extremely helpful and accommodating. In fact every member of the team is personable.”

A Client Amersham

“Excellent friendly and expert service…”

“Excellent friendly and expert service. I had struggled with the telephone for years, avoiding answering it whenever possible. Aston Hearing introduced me to the “Streamer” and now I am no longer scared to answer it, my confidence with the phone has improved enormously.”

A Client Amersham

“Follow up support service is excellent….”

“Aston Hearing provided me the opportunity to try different hearing aids before deciding which aids were best for my hearing loss. Their follow up support service is excellent with no quibble adjustments being made as necessary.”

A Client Thame

“Duncan, Kate & all the staff at AHS provide an excellent service….”

“Duncan, Kate & all the staff at AHS provide an excellent service. They are friendly,caring and very professional in meeting the needs of each client.
I have been with them for many years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.
The service they provide is second to none & I can’t praise them too highly.”

A Client Amersham

“No hesitation in recommending their services”

“Courteous patience paid off in my search for suitable hearing aids. It was not an easy quest… but they got there in the end!

I will have no hesitation in recommending their services”

Peter J Edwards

“Without doubt one of the best experiences I have ever….”

“Without doubt one of the best experiences I have ever had dealing with Duncan,Sereta and their team.Very kind people,fully understanding of how hard it is to be deaf and how to handle our own ego’s and issues regarding deafness at a relatively early age.
First class service ,nothing was too much trouble and they genuinely want to improve your quality of hearing.
I can not recommend highly enough”

A Client Thame

“Excellent personal touch….”

“Excellent personal touch. Made to feel so welcome by everyone in this very up to date and well equipped clinic set in a beautiful building.”

A Client Amersham

“Totally professional….”

“Not only are Aston Hearing totally professional but are utterly empathetic to patients such as my 83 year old husband, who is physically disabled as well as being deaf. The care, consideration and patience shown to him makes every consultation a pleasurable experience.
We are very grateful.”

A Client Amersham

“Excellent service….”

“Excellent service. Very professional and explained every step of all the procedures carried out. Very satisfied.”

A Client Thame

“Fantastic job of setting me up with the correct hearing protection….”

“Richard and the guys at Aston Hearing Services did a fantastic job of setting me up with the correct hearing protection I needed for my sport. Had some custom moulds and although we had a small issue with the product the guys at Aston cracked on with sorting it and went above and beyond in sorting the problem out for me – i barely had to do a thing!

Great service, lovely place, lovely people! Thanks again guys!”

A Client Amersham

“I would certainly recommend them to anyone else….”

“Aston Hearing were recommended to me and I would certainly recommend them to anyone else based on the excellent service I have received. They have been welcoming, attentive, helpful and very efficient in all their dealings with me. It is a pleasure to visit them.”

A Client Thame

“Would fully recommend Sereta and her colleagues at the Thame office….”

“Excellent service and the best of care was given for a difficult problem would fully recommend Sereta and her colleagues at the Thame office.
Many thanks for your help and guidance this was much appreciated”

A Client Thame

“Delighted with the quality of care….”

“Delighted with the quality of care and advice I received.”

A Client Amersham

“Quick, painless and effective….”

“Wax removal by Duncan was quick, painless and effective. Everybody at Aston Hearing is friendly and they make you feel comfortable and welcome.”

A Client Amersham

“Excellent professional service….”

“Excellent professional service from caring family run business.
Highly recommended.”

A Client Amersham

“Customer service was excellent….”

“Attention to customer service was excellent. The welcome was warm and supportive.
Treatment was fully explained and the micro wax clearer was executed with excellence and great care and skill.”

A Client Thame

“One is welcomed as if a part of this family business….”

“One is welcomed as if a part of this family business. There was no waiting or involvement with computers. Each part of the process you can feel part of as camera images show you each stage in detail. This is a friendly service that seems to want to help you. The end result will give more clarity and simplicity to your life by removing the intrusive and sum times noisy wax.”

A Client Amersham

“I would 100% recommend Aston Hearing to anyone i know who has a child/ Adult suffering with any hearing difficulty….”

“My son has been suffering with Glue Ear for 2 to 3 years and was only being seen by the NHS.
The NHS told us he would grow out of it and there nothing that could be done to help him. So in despair we decided to go along to Aston hearing after reading an article they had published about glue ear!

Duncan was amazing and really did a full examination on my son. He was at total ease and actually really enjoyed the full experience.

Duncan helped so much that his hearing improved. I know Glue ear comes and goes but Aston hearing are happy to just have quick look at my sons ears if i am worried that its returned and that in its self is priceless to me. I would 100% recommend Aston Hearing to anyone i know who has a child/ Adult suffering with any hearing difficulty.”

A Client Amersham

“Great service and very friendly….”

“Great service and very friendly even if they did tell me off!”

A Client Amersham

“Improved my quality of life….”

“With their dedication and understanding of my hearing loss they have improved my quality of life”

A Client Amersham

“Their full attention….”

“By giving their full attention to my problems.”

A Client Thame

“Friendly, Helpful and knowledgable.”

“Friendly, Helpful and knowledgable.”

A Client Thame

“We leave our consultations with smiles on our faces….”

“Aston Hearing has always made my elderly, disabled husband feel he is the most important patient they have. The patience and tolerance shown in ensuring that his critical hearing loss is carefully and fully assessed and his aids “tweaked” by even the tiniest of margins gives me, his 24 hour wife/carer, such comfort. We leave our consultations with smiles on our faces and an enormous feeling of gratitude that they are always there at the end of the phone for any emergencies that might arise.”

A Client Amersham

“Has changed my life….”

“Duncans’ knowledge of new cutting edge hearing aid technology along with his ability to identify to my personal requirements has changed my life.”

A Client Amersham

“I shall not be moving away again….”

“Aston Hearing is more concerned with ensuring that your hearing experience is the best it can be for you personally rather than trying to sell the latest (and most expensive) hearing aids. I am a person who is welcomed at Aston Hearing not just another customer and all the staff are friendly and helpful. Having moved away to Dorset and briefly experienced another hearing aid supplier I very soon learned my mistake and gratefully moved back to Aston Hearing. I shall not be moving away again!”

A Client Amersham

“Whole experience was highly professional….”

“Having repeatedly tried (and failed) to book an appointment with my GP I read about microsuction wax removal in the excellent Aston Hearing magazine. Contacting Aston in Thame was simple and I was given an appointment on the same day. Sereta was welcoming, reassuring and the whole experience was highly professional. I thoroughly recommend this service to anyone who requires ear wax removal the quick and easy way!”

A Client Thame

“Has award-winning success….”

“Excellent practice and quality products – the two key elements combined to provide customer focus and satisfaction! Do this in a friendly and uncomplicated style and you see why the Aston Hearing team has award-winning success. Then do this in a world where clients can enjoy enormous lifestyle advantage from their investment and then it earns five star recognition!”

A Client Amersham

“Did everything they could to help us out….”

“We attended the Amersham branch this morning after a desperate phone call regarding my wife who has been in excruciating pain over the weekend with a completely blocked ear canal. I called and spoke to the staff who were very friendly and did everything they could to help us out. This resulted in them working through their lunch in order to fit us in and help my wife. We arrived and were seen straight away and the lady we saw managed to unblock my wife’s ear and relieve the pain completely.

A massive thank you to you all and will be recommending you to anyone who tells me they have issues with their ears!

To put this in perspective, my wife had seen the GP this morning and said that even if she went private and they removed the blockage she could suffer permanent hearing damage. The GP wanted her to only treat with ear drops and wait for the blockage to loosen. This would have meant another two weeks of agony for my wife. So glad we didn’t heed their advice and sought the advice of the actual professionals.

Five star service guys.”

A Client Amersham

“I couldn’t fault the service….”

“We saw Duncan because my husband was worried about his hearing. Excellent customer service. I couldn’t fault the service, they were very, very good!”

A Client Amersham

“I can recommend the care and attention….”

“I Have had a Resound Linx HEARING aid for a year which is really good. I can recommend the care and attention I have received from Aston Hearing Amersham.”

A Client Amersham

” The first class customer service and after care provided….”

” I have been a customer of Aston Hearing for several years now and from day one, been totally impressed by the first class customer service and after care provided. Due to a combination of the natural ageing process and many years working in a noisy environment, my hearing has slowly deteriorated to the point that I require hearing aids. I was, and still am somewhat embarrassed at needing to wear aids. Duncan has always been patient and understanding and able to advise on suitable ‘hidden ‘ devices. Following very thorough investigation and fitting, I have devices which are virtually invisible when being used. I no longer have the TV at the highest volumes and my confidence in many social situations has increased. A very sincere Thank you to all at Aston Hearing.”

A Client Amersham

“I am so glad that I found them when I did….”

“I was in dire need of treatment for an acute fungal ear infection and a good resolution was clearly beyond the expertise of my local GP surgery. A hospital appointment seemed only a distant prospect and Dyno Rod was only briefly considered.
Sereta cleared out the offending gunk expertly and painlessly and chose an appropriate medication, which together proved extremely effective. With follow-up visits to Aston Hearing and sound advice, I am so glad that I found them when I did. “

A Client Thame

“Everything was so thorough and all was clearly explained….”

“Everything was so thorough and all was clearly explained.”

A Client Thame

“Excellent customer care….”

“Excellent customer care.”

A Client Amersham

” Professional care from all the team….”

“Excellent service and professional care from all the team. I cannot recommend
them highly enough.”

A Client Thame

“They are extremely efficient and helpful….”

“They are extremely efficient and helpful. They are also friendly and caring putting you at ease as soon as you enter their premises.”

A Client Amersham

“Duncan has looked after me many years….”

“Duncan has looked after me for many years. I have a Handicaped Hand which make things difficult
He has been very patient indeed with me, and he his always there for me.
How lucky am I.”

A Client Amersham

“I have a very long history with Aston Hearing….”

“I have a very long history with Aston Hearing. I was first introduced to them through my work as a School Secretary at a Special Needs School for Hearing Impaired children in Buckinghamshire. Their kindness and understanding of my problems were reassuring, comforting and extremely helpful. There as no pressure to buy a hearing aid – just an honest assessment of my needs. Since those early days I have had several hearing aids from them as the technology has improved and have benefitted from their honest and trustworthy advice. I have no hesitation in totally recommending them.”

A Client Amersham

“Very good service, patience, understanding….”

“Very good service, patience, understanding, not treated as a “patient” or a “customer”, but with genuine interest.”

A Client Amersham

“I was immediately made to feel very comfortable….”

“I recently visited Aston Hearing in Thame, I’d been having ongoing problems with blocked ears and was unable to get an appointment at my GP surgery, so I read about micro suction and decided to try it. I was immediately made to feel very comfortable, and Sereta was able to reassure me during the whole procedure. I felt completely relaxed and the relief felt afterwards of being able to hear again was immense! I would throughly recommend this procedure, and encourage anyone who’s having problems to visit Aston Hearing Services. “

A Client Thame

“Everyone was so friendly….”

“To everyone at Aston Hearing Thame.
I would just like to say thank you for the excellent service that I received today. I thought I would call in and make an appointment, but was able to be seen straight away.
Everyone was so friendly, it was like home from home. I received excellent treatment to my ear and the suction method was so much better than the water and syringe. Within a few minutes I could hear again and was back on the street. I will definitely recommend that anyone with hearing problems should make an appointment to see you as the treatment is very gentle and well worth the money. Thanks again and keep up the good work.”

A Client Thame

“The people were helpful, friendly, efficient and kind….”

“Bloody excellent service, The people were helpful, friendly, efficient and kind. They really cared. Have already recommended their services to lots of friends and family.
A huge thank you to all x”

A Client Amersham

“My hearing has improved….”

” I came to Aston Hearing Services Ltd because I was convinced there was something wrong with my hearing aids although my audiologist at the time, assured me they were working perfectly, and my hearing was as good as it could be. After all appropriate tests and checks Duncan adjusted my aids. My hearing has improved, according to my family at least 30%, and friends have told me I am more relaxed. Thank you.”

A Client Amersham

“They really do care….”

“I am so grateful for the help I have received today. I was feeling very unwell, after a few days having one of my ear completely blocked by ear wax and my ear canal becoming increasingly inflamed and painful, as it happens from the ear drops. I used and poking around with earbuds. I got an appointment straight away. The procedure was explained very clearly and I was treated with compassion and understanding. I will need to go back for a check up, because of the conditions my ear canal is in right now. Even trying to fit that in before I fly for a holiday was so helpful and amazing. They really do care. Very kind, helpful and professional service. Thank you so very much.”

A Client Amersham

“Good professional service, pleasant atmosphere….”

“Good professional service, pleasant atmosphere, a feeling of being taken care of that was personal but always backed by knowledge.”

A Client Thame

“ Treats you as a friend rather than a customer….”

“ A family business that treats you as a friend rather than a customer. Duncan and the team really care about what works for you, and when I had a problem out of working hours, I was so impressed with an immediate call back, and offering to meet me to sort me out. That’s real customer serve!”

A Client Amersham

“Exemplary service would unhesitatingly recommend….”

“Exemplary service would unhesitatingly recommend.”

A Client Amersham

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