Victoria is our Clinical Ear Practitioner, who began training with our ENT Nurse Cassie in October 2023.

“Before I started working in this field, I didn’t appreciate the extent that hearing loss can impact on people’s lives, even something as seemingly minor as a blocked ear that needs wax removal. It’s wonderful to see the joy on our clients’ faces when they can hear again! “

Working in an environment focused on care and equipped with top-grade equipment fills our practitioner with pride. They find immense satisfaction in the simple yet impactful microsuction procedures and are committed, like the rest of the team, to go above and beyond to ensure clients receive the best possible service.

I love talking to the audiologists about their clinical experiences and the ear care training has been amazing. I am very proud to be able to work in such a care-based environment with such high-grade equipment. It is a happy place to work, and I love seeing the difference that a simple microsuction procedure can make. Like the rest of the team, I am prepared to go the extra mile to offer our clients the best possible service.“

Away from work, Victoria enjoys the sound of horses’ hooves hitting the ground during a gallop or canter, along with the gentle purring of cats waking them up in the morning, brings our practitioner immense joy. These sounds serve as reminders of the simple pleasures in life and further fuel Victoria’s passion for making a difference in the lives of others through their work at Aston Hearing.