A Bit About Us


We are Aston Hearing – an independent, family hearing care consultancy, established in Buckinghamshire in 1989. Kate and Duncan have worked in the business for over 20 years and we are proud to be celebrating our 30 year anniversary in 2019. Slowly and organically growing, we now have boutique audiology practices across the Chilterns, in Amersham, Thame and Princes Risborough.

We provide hearing care for the whole family, this includes the provision of private hearing aids; hearing and communication assessments for adults and children using our state of the art testing and diagnostic equipment and combined experience of more than 50 years of audiological know-how; clinical ear care – including micro-suction wax removal and ear infection advice and management; consultations for specialist ear concerns such as tinnitus, glue ear, hearing protection. We are experts in the supply and management of hearing technology, including repairs and technical programming techniques such as Real Ear Measurement – helping you to make the most of your hearing and hearing aids.

Professional Referrals

Aston Hearing

We have an on-going professional relationship with local GPs and ENT consultants, who regularly refer patients to us. We can highlight immediately any medical concerns related to the health of your ears and hearing and we will organize a speedy referral when required. You can rest assured you are truly in the best possible hands when it comes to hearing healthcare.

Proud to be Independent

Aston Hearing

We have access to all the very latest technology and styles of hearing aids available and are free to make an independent selection in every case.  As we are not affiliated to any manufacturer, when we make a recommendation it is because it is the most suitable for your hearing loss, and not because it is dictated by a corporate purchasing policy like many of the national companies found on the high street.

Without Compromise

Aston Hearing

Digital hearing aids are not all the same; some are very basic and inexpensive while more sophisticated devices command premium prices. We offer a 60 day trial period for all instruments to ensure that we match the correct level of technology to your lifestyle and hearing requirements.

Our commitment to providing the best possible customer service is exemplified by our membership of the Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals (AIHHP). Aston Hearing Services is an AIHHP Centre of Excellence bound by AIHHP’s strict criteria regarding levels of equipment and compliance to continual professional learning and self-development.

Our Premises

Aston Hearing

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