Ensuring the best fit for you

We believe in verification and validation of our fittings and have invested in technology to help us do this objectively as well as subjectively. Sometimes it has been our experience that certain cases are more complicated than others. We will not give up – as we have grown we have put into place systems whereby Duncan will work alongside your audiologist and when necessary will involve the relevant industry experts from the manufacturers to tailor the very best outcome. Sometimes this results in a change of tack and technology. This team approach has enabled us to help people with really complex requirements who have often come to the end of the line and given up hope.


Making time to listen

Often the response required is not one of technology but of specialist audiological rehabilitation and counselling. This will often include family and carer support – please take time to read Karen Williams’ article (coming soon) to explain what a difference this can make.


Realising you are not alone

Our social support really makes a difference to so many people. We have long recognised that we at Aston Hearing are a community. We recognise the huge benefit in making full use of the community to help us to help others. Nothing is more powerful than realising you are not alone. Talking to those who live well with hearing challenges is so personally empowering. Our HearToday events are so valuable and have become a main stay of our service offering. 


Since the Carefree Hearing Plan is designed to support older aids, it is possible that at some point you may decide to upgrade your aids with new technology.

You would then pay the Technology price (see previous page) for the aids; and keep your existing direct debit of either £20 or £25 (for one or two aids) would be continued but be transferred from the old aids to the new, for the warranty period of 2 years.