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At Aston Hearing we recognise the importance of ear and hearing care throughout your life. Our mission is to keep you connected – making the most from your hearing and your hearing aids, whilst keeping your ears healthy and clear and ready to hear.

Carefree Hearing Plan

Supporting you & and your hearing aids

“My name is Madalene Lock and I am responsible for the smooth running of the Carefree Hearing Plan in Thame. As a member of the Carefree Hearing Plan, I will personally be on hand to ensure all your needs are met and that we will do our best to keep you hearing at all times. This includes ensuring you have all the batteries and consumables you need, appointments with the audiologist of your choice at a time that suits you and to personally manage your repairs including, wherever possible, provision of a loan system should your hearing aid need to be sent away for repair.”

We value the opportunity to keep your hearing and your hearing aids working. The Carefree Hearing Plan is the natural next step when you come to the end of your original comprehensive warranty.

Carefree Hearing Plan

Supporting you & and your hearing aids

Peace of mind

The Carefree Hearing plan is a fully comprehensive option which allows you to pay a regular monthly subscription helping you to spread the on-going cost of your hearing care whilst offering complete peace of mind for a manageable, affordable monthly payment.

Spreading the cost of hearing

The Carefree Hearing Plan also has an option for you to join at the initial purchase stage of your hearing journey. This helps spread the care cost over a 24-month period, interest free, and effectively brings down the initial payment at the outset. Helping you spread the cost of your hearing aids over the time of use.

What’s included in the Carefree Hearing Plan

Supporting you & and your hearing aids

All Aston Hearing Consultations & Appointments


• All in-house repairs
• All manufacturer repairs
(excluding remakes – 50% discount for members)
• Loaner hearing aid service
• Batteries, filters and accessories
• Speaker wires
• Domes, moulds & tips
• Clinical Ear Care (Microsuction Wax Removal)
• New technology upgrades:
• Free trials, member only discounts and interest free monthly
payment options

When can you join the Carefree Hearing Plan

Supporting you & and your hearing aids

You can join the Carefree Hearing Plan at anytime, as long as we are happy your hearing aids are still maintainable.

You can even join if your hearing aids are not from Aston Hearing originally, as long as we are able to ensure the aids are appropriate for your current situation and are in a good condition to enable us to maintain them and make adjustments as required.

Technology Upgrades

Hearing aids are expensive, but when you consider how many hours a day you wear them and how essential to life they can be to many people, the level of investment is not out of step with other purchases we are required to make at different times in our lives.

We try to help manage the cost as well as we can and the Carefree Hearing Plan can help.

If you are planning on upgrading your hearing aids it is a great time to consider membership as you can enjoy discounted rates on the latest technology. It is also a good way to spread the cost of your hearing care, helping to make that initial investment a little easier to cope with.

Pay as You Go

Supporting you & and your hearing aids

The Carefree Hearing Plan is not for every one. Our Pay As You Go option may suit you better. This is absolutely no problem. We have a list of services that are available on a Pay As You Go basis. For details of the Pay As You Go costs please see the price list overleaf.

Please take particular note of the out of house repair service and the clinical ear care service. Hearing aid repairs are expensive and if you require regular wax removal and consultation appointments you would be well advised to opt for the Carefree Hearing Plan. If however, your hearing aids have been fairly stable over the first 2 years then it may be that you will not need to take advantage of the repair service very often – in which case the Pay As You Go plan offers better value.

If you would like help to decide why not call or us and we will be very happy to look at your appointment and repair history and chat through the options with you.

Please contact us for more information

Call or email us, We will be happy to help you decide which plan suits you best

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