Jennifer’s career journey has taken her from the fast-paced world of Corporate Banking in the City of London to a fulfilling role at Aston Hearing. With 20 years in banking behind her, she transitioned to audiology, qualifying in January 2021. Over the past five years, Jennifer has worked across all three branches of Aston Hearing and now manages the Thame branch, dedicating herself full-time to clinic work.

“Hearing as well as you can is so important. If the team at Aston Hearing can work with our clients to support them in their hearing care journey; delivering excellent client service, providing professional clinical ear care and ear health services, ensuring client’s get the most from their hearing technology, and ultimately taking the time to listen to our clients, working with them to achieve positive outcomes, then I feel we are doing a good job.”

Amidst her daily responsibilities, Jennifer finds joy in the laughter of her family, though her husband may argue that the sound of a whisky cork popping is equally delightful.

“I feel exceptionally lucky to have a role which offers the opportunity to meet people and build relationships. Every day is different. Delivering exceptional hearing care is a partnership and one from which I derive great job satisfaction.”