Bone conduction headphones involve old technology, but with a modern twist. For years bone conduction has been used to help people with hearing loss, primarily through bone anchored hearing aids. But now the hearing world is catching on, and bone conduction headphones are becoming a popular choice for people with normal hearing as well as those with a hearing loss.

Bone conduction is an essential part of how we hear. Sound vibrations pass through the ear drum, cochlea and bones simultaneously, reaching the brain where the noises are interpreted. Bone conduction headphones work by vibrating the bones in your cheek and jaw, sending sound vibrations to your inner ear and bypassing the eardrum.

Bone conduction headphones leave the ear open, meaning that sounds from the outside world can be heard. This makes the headphones an excellent choice for commuters, cyclists and anyone wanting to listen to music whilst staying safe on busy roads.

These headphones could also help people with a conductive hearing loss to enjoy music, as the sound does not pass through the middle ear. They are also a good option for hearing aid wearers, as you do not have to remove the hearing aids to use the headphones.
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