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Classic Cars, My Audiologist and Me by Des Gilmore

Hearing loss is often a gradual process that creeps up on you as the years go by but for some people it can happen very suddenly and without warning. Let us introduce you to Des Gilmore who experienced hearing loss and how it affected his life and passion for travelling  with classic cars. [...]

Down’s Syndrome and Hearing Loss

by Carole Arnold Mum to 2 hearing aid wearing children both of whom also have Down's Syndrome I remember so clearly that moment in hospital, New Years Eve 2004, when a paediatrician told me that my baby had Downs syndrome. He told me about so many things that he [...]

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Speen Helping Hospices

Who are they and what do they do? Speen Helping Hospices (SHH) is a small voluntary group run by a team of committed women from Speen and North Dean to fundraise for four local hospices: Helen House for Children, Rennie Groves Hospice Care, South Bucks Hospice at Home and Florence Nightingale in [...]

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Down’s syndrome and hearing loss

Some degree of hearing loss is quite common in children with Down’s Syndrome and it is important to find out if your child has a hearing loss as early as possible so that social and language development are not affected. Throughout childhood their hearing should be tested regularly. The first step is to make an appointment [...]

Re-launch your hearing on Zoom

Being in lockdown means that we are back to mainly communicating remotely; whether it's a text message, WhatsApp, phone call, video call or email it can make life harder, again, for those with hearing loss. The hardest virtual communication method is often group video calls, especially with non-family members and is often used in [...]

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Merry Christmas from Aston Hearing!

At the end of what has been a challenging year, many of us were looking forward to a few days of social interaction, comfort from family members and a touch of normality. So yesterday after learning of our new tier and some of the toughest Christmas restrictions imaginable we were feeling a little [...]

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Remembering Sandra Anne Guilford – a Life Well Lived

Sandra was introduced to Aston Hearing in the early days, when Sue Webster first started the practice from her home in Loosely Row. We were all very sad to hear that Sandra had passed away as a result of contracting the Coronavirus earlier this year and wanted the chance to celebrate her amazing life. Here, [...]

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Movember  –  Time to look after the men in your life

This is the time to take stock of your health and seek advice and support where necessary. Reaching out is crucial but “Movember “report that while 70% of men say their friends can rely on them only 48% say they rely on their friends for support. It needs to work both ways but often we [...]

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