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How to create the best acoustic environment for an event

The new year has begun and the Christmas parties are over but this is a good time to reflect back. What learning can we apply to plan better and more comfortable events this coming year?There is so much to arrange and think about when planning an event, but optimising the acoustics is vital for both [...]

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Christmas is coming! Don’t miss out on the festive fun!

Even with good hearing, Christmas festivities can be a challenge and it is easy to be left out of the conversation. Parties, restaurants and pubs are environments with a high level of background noise which is the biggest challenge for anyone’s hearing. If you have reduced hearing ability, even to a small degree, you will [...]

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Apple ‘iOS 13’ – Not everyone was ready

In June 2019 Apple showed their next upcoming release of iOS, ‘iOS 13’. Three weeks after the new operating system was shown developers were able to try out the operating system to make sure their applications will work when it comes out to the public. Throughout the trial period, I routinely updated my network on [...]

Audiologist of the year 2019 for the UK and Europe – WE’VE DONE IT AGAIN!

Our very own Paula Cook has been rewarded for her outstanding dedication to patient care with a prestigious European hearing industry award. Paula has been awarded the title of European Audiologist of the Year 2019, just weeks after being crowned the United Kingdom Audiologist of the Year. Paula beat finalists from France, Germany, Spain, [...]

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Listen up! How to protect your hearing at work

The risks of your hearing not being protected at work include ear damage and hearing loss, Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL) and tinnitus. Protect your ears from over-exposure to noise because otherwise the consequences can be life changing. Find out if you need ear protection by asking what the average levels of noise you are [...]

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Welcome back to Matthew Ball

We are delighted to announce that Audiologist Matthew Ball has this week returned to Aston Hearing. Starting bright and early on Monday 30th September, Matthew Ball resumes his position as Audiologist at the Amersham practice after a special project helping to set up an audiology service within an Opthalmology practice in Northampton.Matthew trained in a [...]

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Active Aging Week: How important is our hearing?

The world’s population is rapidly aging and WHO Statistics show the number of people aged 60 or over is expected to move from 12% to 22% of the global population by 2050. We are now living longer and it is time to ensure those extra years are healthy and active and taking care of your [...]

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