Speech in Noise:  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Around Sound:    ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Connectivity:        ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Battery life:          ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Unitron Moxi All Reviewed 

The best hearing aid I’ve used for listening to music.

In my short time trialing the Moxi All I have been able to see how the technology has moved forward but also how other features have been omitted to allow a step forward in technology development.

Overall Spec and first thoughts:

This model by Unitron gives the user a new experience with the main feature being the  ability to use the hearing aids as a hands-free device. This means you can leave your phone in your pocket and still answer calls throughout the day using the streaming compatibility and the microphone in the hearing aid to talk to the caller at the other end. This feature is one which will appeal to those who either work in an office or who are travelling all the time and make a lot of calls throughout the day. I personally found the sound quality to be the best that I have had to date. Since there is no connection lag  because calls are streaming directly to your hearing aid, it means you can block the noise around you and just hear the call. This is one thing people who don’t wear a hearing cannot do, so what an advantage!


The one thing that I did struggle with, (bearing in mind that in this short trial I only had two adjustments), was the ability to pinpoint where the sounds or voices where coming from around me. I found what was happening was that any sound or speech sounded like it was from someone standing right next to me.  This meant that I didn’t miss anything which was being said but I did have to look around a bit more to see who was talking.

Having said that, what I did find straight away was that if a person was walking behind me on a noisy main road, I could still hear them clearly enough to have a conversation, as if we were talking in a quiet room, and I was really impressed with this.


The design shape of the hearing aid itself wouldn’t be my personal choice as it is more circular at the bottom of the aid for the battery compartment and narrower at the top. This is because the Moxi All uses a bigger battery (size 13) whereas the hearing aids I have used previously have always been size 312. This would not be an issue for most people and I am sure I would become familiar with the new size over time.

Battery Life:

For battery usage you can expect what you would for any other hearing aid: with the battery life being the regular 4-5 days on a normal daily use and 3-4 days if you are streaming a lot, such as calls or using the TV streamer to listen to music or TV. It is important to remember that keeping any hearing aid connected to your phone will always have a significant effect on the battery life regardless of the model that is being used.


As I said in the beginning, technology has moved forward but in some areas I feel it has lagged a bit with this model. With the Moxi All, the connectivity is simplistic when connecting to your phone. There is an app to control your hearing aid, but this is only for the volume, because the Moxi All is a fully automatic hearing aid meaning it will adjust how it works depending on the specific noise environment around you. This is what hearing aids are supposed to do, but as technology is progressing we are all expecting more and it would be nice to take control when the hearing aid doesn’t do what is right for you.


If you want to stream music directly to the Moxi All aid, you cannot do so without the use of the TV streamer. Unitron did a case study and asked a group of individuals if they would prefer to have the hands-free feature or the ability to stream directly for music, videos etc on your phone or connected Bluetooth devices (where compatible). The result was that the hands-free feature won!


So to recap, if you want to listen to music you need to use the TV stream which can be connected by the audio-jack.  For me personally music is a big part of who I am and how I cope with many situations in day to day life, but I have to say the quality of sound using the streamer was simply mind-blowing, you honestly feel like you are at a live concert or even in the recording studios. The base quality is great and I was really impressed and can’t wait to see what Unitron do next.

In conclusion, I would need to spend some time perfecting the features of the Moxi All for how I like to hear everything. I am used to having a sharp, loud sound, and while the Moxi All had a good quality and amazing speech recognition, from the short trial I didn’t get the hearing aid to meet the full potential of what my current hearing aids do today but this could be addressed with a more lengthy acclimatisation period. I would definitely recommend it to many individuals however and would advise you to put it on your list of hearing aids to consider when you are upgrading to a new device.