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BSc MSHAA Managing Director & Senior Audiologist UK Audiologist of the Year 2016 Duncan joined Aston Hearing in 1998 becoming a Director of the business when the company incorporated in 2000, becoming Managing Director when the founder of Aston Hearing Services, Susan Webster, retired in September 2008. Duncan has a very intuitive, empathetic audiological style with a deep understanding of how to achieve the best results from the technology available. Duncan currently holds the role as Chairman of AIHHP (The Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals) allows him to promote the highest standards of audiological care and service in the independent sector. Of recent years Duncan has been an invited member of various manufacturers’ focus groups, allowing him to highlight the concerns of end users directly to those involved in product research and development. Duncan married Susan‘s daughter Kate in 1998 and they have two children, Lucia and Charlie.

Aston Hearing Service Update, 2nd November – 4th December 2020

WE ARE AN ESSENTIAL SERVICE - ALL APPOINTMENTS WILL CONTINUE AS BOOKED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICEFollowing the announcement by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson on Saturday 31st October 2020 with the news of a nationwide lockdown we can confirm that Aston Hearing will remain open in Amersham and Thame on a strict appointment-only basis. [...]

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By Duncan Collet-Fenson, Audiologist & MD of Aston Hearing Diabetes & Hearing Loss According to recent studies people with diabetes are over three times more likely to have a hearing problem than those who do not have the disease, yet hearing loss is only just coming under the spotlight as a recognised complication of diabetes.  [...]

Service Update – We are open (but on an appointment basis only)

Aston Hearing is making the tentative steps to re-open.  Thank you for your patience during lock-down but now we are very excited to be able to start to provide full services again.We are having to manage a phased re-opening due to the many changes that we have been required to implement to ensure we [...]

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How to create the best acoustic environment for an event

The new year has begun and the Christmas parties are over but this is a good time to reflect back. What learning can we apply to plan better and more comfortable events this coming year?There is so much to arrange and think about when planning an event, but optimising the acoustics is vital for both [...]

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Protect your ears on Fireworks Night

By Duncan Collet-Fenson, Audiologist & MD of Aston Hearing With bonfire night fast approaching, many of us will be looking forward to autumnal fun with bonfires and fireworks.  Most of us know to avoid the risk of burns because of fireworks but they can also be dangerous to our hearing whether you are attending an [...]

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Listen up! How to protect your hearing at work

The risks of your hearing not being protected at work include ear damage and hearing loss, Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL) and tinnitus. Protect your ears from over-exposure to noise because otherwise the consequences can be life changing. Find out if you need ear protection by asking what the average levels of noise you are exposed to throughout [...]

Why you need to look After your hearing when travelling

By Paula Cook, Audiologist & MD of Aston HearingEver thought about why people so frequently get ear infections or problems with their ears when on holiday? Since holiday season is coming up, we thought we would gently mention it’s not just your skin that needs looking after in the summer! THE MOST COMMON EAR PROBLEM [...]

Taking Ear Infections Seriously

Ian Bottrill BM FRCS(ORL), Consultant ENT Surgeon Mr Ian Bottrill has been ENT lead consultant for Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust since 2007 consulting at John Radcliffe, Oxford and Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury. He works privately at The Chiltern Hospital, Great Missenden. Ian has a specialist interest in diseases of the ear. This includes childhood [...]

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