Ahead of Tinnitus Awareness Week 4-10th February 2020, our very own Audiologist Sereta Parker from Thame speaks to Kat Orman on BBC Radio Oxford.
Sereta and  client Elaine Adam-Harris talked about how it feels to live with tinnitus, what causes it and how to get help. Whilst there is no cure for this condition Sereta explained that it is possible to manage it as the brain can habituate to the unwanted sounds of tinnitus. It is important to seek the help of a hearing professional if you suddenly develop tinnitus or if it changes. A hearing test may be required to assess any hearing loss that may be the cause of the tinnitus and appropriate hearing technology can be discussed as a means of tinnitus management.
You can listen to the interview here:
The interview starts at time 1;07;46
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Later in the same day Duncan spoke to Nana Akua on air at BBC Three Counties Radio about tinnitus.
The interview starts at time 1;53;07
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