I have worn hearing aids for over ten years and during that time I have become a fully qualified audiologist. I have learnt some of the best tips and tricks to teach others but also tried them out myself too. The best thing to remember with your hearing aids; they are as important as your medication you take daily, your socks you wear with your shoes, and certainly as important as your key to get into your home. They must be worn every day.


I recently had the privilege of going on a training course with my colleagues James and Gus. I was really looking forward to it, especially as there was a special guest presentation from British astronaut, Major Tim Peake. I was wondering how good the sound system be and would I have any problems hearing the presenters? I choose my seat carefully, as close to the speaker as possible (within 2 metres is perfect for my hearing aids to be working best). No sitting on the back row for me!


Most hearing aids now can be linked to your smart phone through Bluetooth, and with this comes a great app. Within the apps you can change volume, programs and the directionality of the microphones. Let me explain this in further detail; Volume can be changed by a toggle of a button either up and down. Programs can be added on to the hearing aid by an audiologist and then through the app, on your smartphone, you can choose which program is best, depending on the environment. For example – you can have a dedicated program restaurants or one for listening to music etc. Most hearing aids can have up to 4 programs.


Picture the scene, you’re in a noisy pub/restaurant with friends trying to enjoy your evening. And although you are wearing your hearing aids, you find yourself struggling to hear the people on your table (YES! I hear you shout in agreement). Hearing aids are there to help, to aid you in hearing clarity again, but you can always help yourself even more in those situations. If you can try and position yourself on a table where the noise is in front of you, and ideally your back against a wall. This will limit the distracting noises from behind you. Also, if you’re super organised don’t be afraid to request a quiet table/area and you can ask for the background music to be turned down.  The chances are you will be doing everyone a favour!