In June 2019 Apple showed their next upcoming release of iOS, ‘iOS 13’. Three weeks after the new operating system was shown developers were able to try out the operating system to make sure their applications will work when it comes out to the public.

Throughout the trial period, I routinely updated my network on LinkedIn where I am connected to members of audiology in different private practices and the manufactures themselves.

Fast forward to September 19th iOS13 was launched with great anticipation for all the great new features, one feature that many rely on did not work for a number of people. This was seen with a high percentage of one of the manufactures, while other manufacturers had shown no issues.

The recurring issue of new operating systems isn’t new in audiology, however, it isn’t talked about through the sector, as a private audiology company, we were not informed about what would work and what wouldn’t work when the final release came out to the public.

I also found that many people in our sector didn’t know that developers can test the new operating system out before it is released, which I have done every year for the last five years.

Since the update, myself and many of you have had to wait two months for fixes to be implemented to restore balance between our hearing aids and phone (iPhone), while we do not need our phones to make the hearing aids perform, we rely on our phones to communicate with work, friends, family and emergency services through the feature of streaming to our hearing aids.

Should you still have issues with this at this moment, please make sure your iPhone is updated by going to ‘Settings > General > Software Updates’

You may also need to update your applications by going to the ‘App Store > Click your icon on the top right corner > Click Updates.

Continuing this discussion, I have been setting up meetings with manufacturers to get a better process started on communicating to us and yourselves so when the next launch of iOS comes out, we are either able to stop the updates coming through, or we are better prepared for the features to stop working.

Apple and all the manufacturers work closely together to make sure updates are going for features to work, however different departments control different parts of the phones, the department who updates the accessibility section of the iPhones operating systems were unable to get the update out the second update of IOS 13 but this has since been ratified.

We have set up this blog, so I can continue to update you on information in regards to technology and repairs.