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What to do if you have an ear infection; If you need medical assistance, the NHS advice during the COVID pandemic is as follows; Use the NHS 111 online service at www.nhs.uk or call the 111 helpline number if you cannot get help online. Call your GP who may offer a consultation over [...]

Apple ‘iOS 13’ – Not everyone was ready

In June 2019 Apple showed their next upcoming release of iOS, ‘iOS 13’. Three weeks after the new operating system was shown developers were able to try out the operating system to make sure their applications will work when it comes out to the public. Throughout the trial period, I routinely updated my network on [...]

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DiabetesGlobally, an estimated 422 million adults were living with diabetes in 2014, compared to 108 million in 1980 as a result in a huge growth of type two diabetes cause by poor diet and lifestyle. It is estimated that just over 4 million people have diabetes in the UK. 90% are type 2 diabetics. It is believed that up to a [...]

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Who knew ear wax could be so interesting!

Did you know that earwax was used to bind natural dyes together to write on Parchment in the Middle Ages or that there are two main types of earwax –wet and sticky (as secreted by Caucasians and African – Caribbeans) and dry and flaky (as secreted by S.E.Asians)? Sadly, I find ear wax fascinating!Earwax is [...]

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HEALTH & WELLBEING – PROTECTING YOUR HEARING Answers by Duncan Collet-Fenson – Managing Director of Aston Hearing Approximately 11 million people in the UK are currently suffering from hearing loss which equates to roughly 1 in 6 of the UK’s population. To celebrate World Hearing day 3rd March and World Hearing Week [...]

Captioning Awareness Week 12-18th November

Captioning Awareness Week is happening now and it aims to make people aware of the availability of captions and live subtitles and the benefits they offer. Captioning is an invaluable tool for Deaf people and anyone who struggles to follow dialogue on screen. They can help with understanding grammar and language  and can [...]

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One Week in: Resound Quattro, Tips and Tricks

This week Michael shares some tips and tricks he has discovered one week in wearing the new Resound Quattro hearing system. Captions will be up within 24 hours. Michael's Audiogram:

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Day 1: ReSound Quattro

Michael's initial experiences with the NEW ReSound Quattro hearing system. His thoughts on the sound, Features and even the packaging. Michael will be posting a new video next week with more in-depth thoughts of the ReSound Quattro and how they are different in everyday situations compared to the ReSound 3D. At this moment [...]

Would you get your hearing devices from Apple?

As a technology hobbyist and Apple fan I am inclined to stand firm on what I believe in. However, I can say that Apple will no longer be the company to invent the next best gadget, in my opinion their “One more thing” has truly disappeared into the big multi billion company [...]

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Children’s Hearing

Aston Hearing is a hearing healthcare centre for all the family. We recognise how important hearing is for everyone to stay connected, especially for children who rely on listening and communication in the crucial early stages of their development. Often ear infections can go undiagosed and a child’s temporary hearing loss can go undetected. [...]

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