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How a Professional Speaker Overcame Hearing Loss

Neuroscientist, business psychologist and change specialist, Dr Lynda Shaw is a successful professional speaker and mentor to CEOs but many of her clients would never know that she has significant hearing loss.

Audiologist of the year 2019 for the UK and Europe – WE’VE DONE IT AGAIN!

Our very own Paula Cook has been rewarded for her outstanding dedication to patient care with a prestigious European hearing industry award. Paula has been awarded the title of European Audiologist of the Year 2019, just weeks after being crowned the United Kingdom Audiologist of the Year. Paula beat finalists from France, Germany, Spain, [...]

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Sunday Express SSHL Article

A double page spread raising the very real issue of SSHL - Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss - it has taken us a very long time to get this level of attention and we are very grateful to the Sunday Express for running this story. Let’s keep it going #SSHL#Takinghearingseriously #48hourstosaveyourhearing#emergencyaudiology

The links between hearing loss and diabetes (Audio Clip)

Listen to Paula discussing the links between hearing loss and diabetes with Nana Akua on BBC Three Counties Radio. LAUNCH AUDIO IN NEW BROWSER

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Surf’s Up – but Wrap Up those Ears – Dude!

As well as all the obvious risks with watersports, there is a risk of deafness for all surfers, by a relatively unknown condition caused by the cold sea. It’s called Exostosis, otherwise known as’ Surfer’s Ear’. With more and more people taking up water sports, we are seeing all ages either suffering from the condition [...]

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Article on Wendover News: I lost my Hearing in a Day

Nikki Magrath (55) from Amersham has suffered from hearing problems since early childhood but her life changed entirely when she lost her hearing in a single day. “I had childhood conductive hearing loss which left me virtually deaf in one ear, but my other ear was fully functioning, and I managed for 40 [...]

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