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Upgrading My Hearing Aid

When you live with hearing loss there comes a point when you need to challenge whether your hearing devices are still working optimally. Technological advances mean there are so many new features in hearing aids that it can become difficult to find the right one to match your lifestyle. It is therefore crucial [...]

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How a Professional Speaker Overcame Hearing Loss

Neuroscientist, business psychologist and change specialist, Dr Lynda Shaw is a successful professional speaker and mentor to CEOs but many of her clients would never know that she has significant hearing loss.

The links between hearing loss and diabetes (Audio Clip)

Listen to Paula discussing the links between hearing loss and diabetes with Nana Akua on BBC Three Counties Radio. LAUNCH AUDIO IN NEW BROWSER

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Who knew ear wax could be so interesting!

Did you know that earwax was used to bind natural dyes together to write on Parchment in the Middle Ages or that there are two main types of earwax –wet and sticky (as secreted by Caucasians and African – Caribbeans) and dry and flaky (as secreted by S.E.Asians)? Sadly, I find ear wax fascinating!Earwax is [...]

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HEALTH & WELLBEING – PROTECTING YOUR HEARING Answers by Duncan Collet-Fenson – Managing Director of Aston Hearing Approximately 11 million people in the UK are currently suffering from hearing loss which equates to roughly 1 in 6 of the UK’s population. To celebrate World Hearing day 3rd March and World Hearing Week [...]


HEARING LOSS AND MENTAL HEALTHMany of us forget that hearing loss is not just losing a precious sense, but a loss that can cause a host of contributory mental health problems including fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression and isolation. Hearing loss can be a catastrophic life event affecting your ability to interact with friends [...]

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Aston Hearing Wins Awards

Corporate Vision Magazine has announced that Aston Hearing has won both the Best Family Hearing Care Consultancy Award for the Home Counties and Hearing Technology Supplier of the Year as part of their annual UK Excellence Awards. CV Magazine's prestigious UK Excellence Awards seeks to acknowledge the very best from across the [...]

The Gift of Hearing

It is hard to comprehend how life would feel if you couldn’t hear the world around you. It is like being a casual observer of the world without the ability to participate fully. Imagine then the joy at being given the gift of hearing for Christmas. It is what happened when one [...]

Driving with a hearing loss

It is a common misconception that you cannot drive if you have a hearing loss. It is in fact perfectly legal for you to drive a car or motorcycle and research has shown that drivers with a hearing loss are no more likely to cause an accident than those with good hearing. In [...]

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