I have experienced SSHL twice in my lifetime with different outcomes. The first time I knew nothing about the condition or what to do and suffered permanent total loss of hearing in one ear. Second time around I was better informed and took immediate action, within 12 hours of its onset, and my [...]

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Aston Hearing Wins Awards

Corporate Vision Magazine has announced that Aston Hearing has won both the Best Family Hearing Care Consultancy Award for the Home Counties and Hearing Technology Supplier of the Year as part of their annual UK Excellence Awards. CV Magazine's prestigious UK Excellence Awards seeks to acknowledge the very best from across the [...]

The Gift of Hearing

It is hard to comprehend how life would feel if you couldn’t hear the world around you. It is like being a casual observer of the world without the ability to participate fully. Imagine then the joy at being given the gift of hearing for Christmas. It is what happened when one [...]

Captioning Awareness Week 12-18th November

Captioning Awareness Week is happening now and it aims to make people aware of the availability of captions and live subtitles and the benefits they offer. Captioning is an invaluable tool for Deaf people and anyone who struggles to follow dialogue on screen. They can help with understanding grammar and language  and can [...]

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One Week in: Resound Quattro, Tips and Tricks

This week Michael shares some tips and tricks he has discovered one week in wearing the new Resound Quattro hearing system. Captions will be up within 24 hours. Michael's Audiogram:

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Day 1: ReSound Quattro

Michael's initial experiences with the NEW ReSound Quattro hearing system. His thoughts on the sound, Features and even the packaging. Michael will be posting a new video next week with more in-depth thoughts of the ReSound Quattro and how they are different in everyday situations compared to the ReSound 3D. At this moment [...]

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